New things happening!

Well, as I’m sure you’ve already noticed, one of the new things is an updated WordPress page for our webpage.  John Vedral (our webmaster at Mainely Web) and I were discussing the possibility of setting up a web page that could be added to by the Library Director and John also mentioned the need for us to have a more “mobile friendly” page (you can view this page on any mobile device, while our old webpage was limited on mobile devices).  So many thanks to John for setting this all up and maintaining all the tech side of it (while letting me be able to “play” with posting all sorts of fun things, new books, events, etc!)

Another new thing happening, also rather behind the scenes for now, is that we are setting up a computer catalog online!  Our hope, in doing this, is not only to allow patrons to access our catalog online on one of our computers, but also to be able to access our catalog from home!  This is a very time consuming task, but will be so worth it in the end.  We hope to have the system ready to use by the end of summer or early fall.  We’ll also have new library cards for everyone once things are closer to being finished.  So if you see vehicles in the parking lot at times other than regular library hours, you’ll know we’re hard at work getting our materials entered in!  😀

As a final mention, being that April is National Poetry Month, I leave you with this.  A cento is a literary work made up of quotations from other works.  I first found information about Book Spine Poetry (and centos) here.  As I was working through a pile of books, entering their info into the computer, I had to stop and laugh!  My first Book Spine Poem!