Internet/Computer Usage Policy

The West Buxton Public Library, in keeping with its mission of free and public access to the widest possible variety of information, provides public internet access and access to the resources of the library network for all patrons.

This service may be used to access any resources, engage in any communication, or conduct any activity available on the worldwide internet or the Maine State Library network provided such activity can be done with standard web browsers.

The following are exceptions:

  • Images that are deemed by the library staff to be threatening to children will not be allowed on computer monitors that are in public view
  • Patrons may not send, receive or display text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene
  • Patrons may not use this resource for any illegal purpose in violation of Maine and Federal Laws
  • Patrons may not in any way alter, reconfigure or damage the public access workstations of the library
  • Patrons may not interfere with or disrupt others, nor invade the privacy of others
  • Patrons may not modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others; nor seek unauthorized access to any computer system, or damage or alter software components of any network, host server or database
  • Patrons may not violate copyright or software license agreements
  • No food or drink allowed in computer work station area
  • Patrons may not alter icons, bookmarks, screensavers, etc. on library computers
  • Patrons will not download any plug-ins

All users of the public access workstations must sign an Internet Usage Form. Parents or legal guardians must sign, in person, for those under the age of 18.

Because this is a public resource, the rights of others must be respected and therefore:

  • First come, first serve – no reservations
  • Internet use is limited to 30 minutes when another patron is waiting
  • Internet access takes priority over word processing
  • Patrons 12 years and under must have constant adult/guardian supervision
  • Library staff has the right to deny or terminate usage, as appropriate
  • Downloading of information to the hard drive is prohibited – no ‘saving’
  • No personal diskettes can be used; one can be purchased at library for $1.00
  • Library will keep diskettes for further use, otherwise, cannot be used again if taken out
  • Printed information – 10 cents for every page – suggest using ‘Print Preview’
  • Library will not be held responsible for monitoring patron’s material
  • Web-based email accounts are acceptable: Hotmail, Yahoo, Adelphia, Roadrunner, etc.
  • Web-based chat rooms and news groups are prohibited
  • Web-based construction is prohibited
  • The library is not responsible for the validity of information nor has any control of any information retrieved over the internet
  • No loading of unauthorized programs
  • No food or drink at computer stations
  • An Internet Usage Form must be agreed to and signed before use

The West Buxton Public Library is not responsible for the accuracy or the content of any information found in any site not created by the library itself. When using any links from the library’s website, or any link that leads to a non-library resource, users are responsible for determining the value and accuracy of the information. It is recommended that particular caution be exercised when obtaining financial, medical or legal information from the internet.

As with other library materials, it is the parent or legal guardian of minor children who must assume ultimate responsibility for supervising access to internet resources in the library.

Misuse of the library’s computer/internet policy will result in loss of internet privileges.

The staff cannot give one-on-one instruction with the use of the internet but will answer basic questions, load paper in printer, replace ink cartridges, or reboot if necessary.

Adopted: January 2007